Behind our Craft

We stay agile with our way of thinking about kitchen concepts. Our focus is not on the ideas and the wows; instead, it is on creating your kitchen, which enables daily living. Fundamentals are essential - planning and respecting your time, fostering communications while all the motions surround the kitchen space. A modern kitchen must be able to meet the daily needs and commitments of today and tomorrow.

These beliefs inspire how moki+ timeless proposals are born. Our concepts are inspired by leading interpreters of the contemporary kitchen. At moki+, we introduce smart living to you through furniture imbued with freedom. 


Meticulous planning for a well-designed kitchen allows you to move between activities.

Motion creates emotion, and positive space makes active participation.

Built with a Purpose

At moki+, we evolve the concepts of furnishing and manufacturing products that satisfy both form and aesthetics, functionality and design technology. Our furniture offers you the flexibility to adapt to the spaces where certain components can assemble, disassemble and reassemble, based on suitability. All this will take place to reconnect the creative and aesthetic component of design with high technological and functional content depending on new conditions. We aim to continually introduce space-saving, practical and environmentally-friendly home solutions through constant R&D, innovative design, and leading technologies. 

Modular Home Space

Dedicated to those who believe in a revolution of the traditional home space idea: MODULARITY expresses adaptable in one word. There are no more spaces dedicated to a specific activity, and home solutions become flexible while celebrating the uniqueness of the project. The modern millennials are moving ever closer to new approaches of interpreting the spaces in homes - their ways of keeping up with times, occupied by completely flexible, adaptable and re-adaptable furniture.

People and Collaboration

moki+ relentless approach to pursue a working environment of collaboration and participation stimulating the involvement of all employees to the company's values - train and motivate employees to conduct their activities responsibly towards the environment through internal courses on social and environmental responsibility and health protection; ensuring that the working conditions and environment are safe, healthy and comfortable.

The Perfect Blend

A strong network of highly qualified specialists and external suppliers for wood materials, steel, stone, appliances, plumbing and sanitation guarantees excellence, offering the best solutions and technologies. Our reliable team is dedicated to your project from start to finish, supporting you to achieve the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. 

Furniture that gives you freedom to lead the lifestyle you want and meets your evolving needs.

Service Dedication

moki+ dedication to quality is a value choice; it begins at the design concept and continues through meticulous aftersales service. 

'Made-in-Singapore' Quality Workmanship

Artisan woodworking techniques such as using hand planes, chisels and sharpen saws are complemented by cutting-edge technologies of 5-axis CNC machine, laser machine and furniture finishing processes.

30,000 Sq. Ft Workshop & Showroom

moki+ branded lifestyle products are manufactured entirely within a dedicated production space in the industrial district of Woodlands, occupied by our principle company,
IDV Asia. 

Heritage and Innovation

moki+ furniture collections are highly customisable thanks to special finishes and dimensions, an ever more generous offer especially within international markets and among sophisticated audiences. 

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