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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why moki+?

At moki+, our products are proudly manufactured in Singapore. This allows us to offer direct workshop rates while offering the best qualities of materials to you. We also offer free delivery and assembly for all our furniture products.

What kind of services does moki+ provide? 

The Made-in-Singapore label denotes the actual and total provenance and production in Singapore of our moki+ furniture that bears its name. We pride ourselves as furniture makers, at least for now.

Do you offer warranty for your products?

Your kitchen is a perfect machine and a significant investment. In this place, you spend your valuable time at least three times a day, and for many years: that’s why, being confident of the high quality that identifies us, we are delighted to offer all our customers a guaranteed period of 5-years. From the date of delivery, for 5 years your moki+ kitchen is free from any drawback of manufacture or assembly. Find out more here.

What types of housing are moki+’s furniture suited for?

We tailor our furniture to fit residential and commercial spaces of all sizes in Singapore, including: 
 HDB flats 
 Landed properties
Walk-up apartments 

What is the process like from consultation to completion of the project?
  1. Book a consultation slot with us and visit our showroom. Our friendly team is delighted to assist you.
  2. Browse through our design templates and identify the theme that excites you the most.
  3. A short design consultation by our designer will commence based on the given floor plan, and make recommendations of the sizes, materials and colours.
  4. For the ease of decision-making, cost estimates are generated along the design process.
  5. Confirmation of contract followed by the detailed design consultation with finalised concept.
  6. A wonderful & forward-looking kitchen project production commences.
  7. Your bespoke kitchen unit handled by our team of installers driven by the desire of completing project with the most satisfactory installation.
What is the delivery lead time?

All orders are well-managed by our specialised scheduling system. From the confirmation of design, materials and configuration to delivery, we will require the finalised details to allocate the production schedules. Please check with us for the latest updates on the current delivery lead time.

What are the accepted modes of payment?

We accept bank transfer, cash and cheque in the order of preference.

What are your payment terms?

The payment terms varies from each project. You can be assured that we will work out the best payment term which is beneficial for both parties.

What partners or brands do you work with?

moki+ is deeply connected to the furniture ecosystem, from interior design studios to fittings and materials suppliers. We constantly import best practices from various industry stakeholders and adopt cutting-edge technologies, locally and abroad, to bring you the best standards at every stage of your project. We only make use of internationally recognised brands such as Blum, Hafele and Hettich for our fittings; and EGGER, Kompacplus and Florim for fabricated surfaces. Most of our high-grade kitchen systems are also specially sourced from selected European countries known for their quality.

What are the differences between the countertop materials?

Quartz is manufactured from epoxy resin and come in a wider range of colours than natural stones. It is stain-resistant and does not harbour bacteria due to its non-porous surface, making them a great choice to be used in the kitchen and bathrooms. Caution must be exercised when placed near the stove as quartz is less heat resistant.

Composite Laminate Panels 
Composite Laminate Panels are cutting-edge materials made from kraft paper and resin. Extremely dense and non-porous, they are resistant to water damage and bacteria-free, making them easy to clean. They are also designed to be non-flammable and long-lasting, hence are perfect for everyday uses such as in the kitchen and bathroom. While there are no real disadvantages of composite laminate panels based on their properties, it may not look as aesthetically pleasing compared to natural stones like quartz or marble. 

Porcelain (Florim)
Porcelain is a dense, highly durable material made from heating china stone and clay at high temperatures. With its heat resistant properties, you won’t have to worry about placing hot pots and pans on porcelain countertops. Porcelain is also non-porous and stain resistant, making it a breeze to clean and maintain. Lightweight yet durable, porcelain is quick rising as one of the more popular materials for kitchen countertops. However, while essentially scratch-proof, use of ceramic knives must be avoided to prevent possible scratches

What sets your wood apart from others?
Typical particle boards moki+ particle boards 
Properties- Low strength and durability 
- Susceptible to swelling and disintegration in water 
- Toxic due to formaldehyde content 
- Prone to cracking and splintering  
- Detrimental to the environment and non-recyclable  
- Sturdy and long-lasting
- More resistant to swelling in water
- Strictly within global formaldehyde emission requirements
- Optimal surface properties - wear and scratch resistant
- Environmentally friendly and recyclable   
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