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Inspiring the passion “Made-in-Singapore”, moki+ creates bespoke pieces and design functional spaces which combine the selection of materials, colours, finishes that best express your needs and styles. Urban lifestyle, unique and innovation are some words that describe how moki+ shape out your furniture. 

Your design journey begins with our team of talented designers, engineers & specialised craftsmen. We combine the collective & collaborative details to bring forth your ideal kitchen space! 

In moki+, every piece of bespoke furniture belongs to share a story. 

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The kitchen space is where the moments of the day are celebrated and, the warmth of home is experienced. Endless possibilities are interpreting the areas in the house - different users, activities and functionalities. For these goals, aesthetics must not compromise while balancing on the practicality and ease of use in more ways than one. 

 Adjustable Features - The first is maximum freedom given to each compositional element to encourage and enhance the user's flexibility to optimise countertops for different heights or transform the usage for shared purposes. 
 Modular Architecture - The second aspect concerns the flexible and functional use of the kitchen space, with various requirements. Finding a perfect balance to set no boundaries to explore the interchangeable components in storage spaces and modular wall cabinets.

In moki+, every space defines the moment.

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Focus on Details

Functional European fittings & 
high-quality craftsmanship  

Lighting elements set the poetical experience

Aesthetic designs for individual’s creation and decoration

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Personalise your Kitchen Space

Today, the modern living space is redefining to include various daily activities for each user in the home. At moki+, we know this, and it is important to us. 

We elevate the challenge to create kitchen systems that combined with different styles, from the contemporary design to the excellent object of more exclusive. Our kitchen units offer timeless aesthetics and quality workmanship that reflect our discerning customers. Our designer kitchen furnishing program introduces comprehensive combinations of materials, colours, finishes, opening systems and provisions of distinct elements. 

The result is sophisticated and refined. Our commitment to utmost freedom of arrangement creates a durable and lifestyle design for each client. Let’s begin a conversation to elevate your kitchen space and create a home environment to celebrate communications.

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