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Jelly Bear Bloomer

Jelly Bear Bloomer

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Jelly Bear Bloomer is a delightful and functional addition to your pet's summer wardrobe, designed to keep them cool and comfortable as the temperature rises.


  • Cool-Sensitive Fabric: Crafted with our unique fabric that responds to your pet’s body heat, the Jelly Bear Bloomer provides a refreshing cooling effect, making it perfect for playtime in the sun or relaxing on warm days.
  • Air Mesh Pad: Incorporated into the bloomer is an air mesh pad that prolongs the cooling sensation, ensuring your pet enjoys continuous comfort during their outdoor adventures.
  • UV Protection: Protect your furry friend from the sun’s harmful rays. The Jelly Bear Bloomer is designed with material that offers UV protection, allowing for safer playtime and walks.

Jelly Bear Bloomer combines practicality with whimsical style, featuring a charming design that ensures your pet looks their best while staying cool and protected. Whether lounging indoors or exploring the outdoors, your pet will be the epitome of comfort and style in the Jelly Bear Bloomer.

Please note that this listing is for the Jelly Bear Bloomer only. Any other accessories shown are for demonstration purposes and are not included.

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