Apparel Collection

Expanding on our collection, we are in exclusive collaboration with PuppyGallery for our newest collection, apparel. Experience the unparalleled quality and designs that we have to offer.

Why we do what we do

We're dedicated to strengthening the connection between pets and their owners. Our passion stems from a profound understanding of the immense joy that pets bring into our lives.

Plus Alpha Dog Adjustable Leash - moki+

Accessory Collection

Presenting our exceptional pet accessory collection, where style combines with happiness in each charming element. Our collection is chosen purposefully to add a hint of playfulness and relaxation to your pet's life.

Travel Collection

A collaborative effort with KONG Travel, premium pet travel accessories designed to ensure safety and comfort on every journey.

Pinnacle - Interior

Furniture Collection

An exquisite touch for your pets to cherish, and a delight for their owners to adore. That's the essence of this collection. Our pet furniture range designed with the well-being of both pets and their owners in mind.